Gentlemen's Handbook

From Man to Gentleman in one App

The Suit

We know how a gentleman’s suit should fit from top to bottom. Knowledge we would like to share with our fellow gentlemen.

Dress Code

The proper attire for the evening. Every dress code you will ever need is listed in our app. Including images and when to wear it.


A gentleman should be properly groomed at all times. This means investing some time in your daily routine. We teach you the proper way.


Gentlemen’s Handbook provides you with detailed guides on every aspect of the gentleman. You’ll quickly and easily learn the tricks of trade of the gentleman.

Including guides on how a suit should fit and what fabrics and material to choose.
How to build a gentlemans wardrobe.
How to groom like a gent.
Behaving like a gentleman.
And so much more.

We are sharing all of this knowledge with our fellow men across the globe completely free of charge. No restrictions, No nonsense. Download Gentlemen’s Handbook today. App Store Google Play


A man who calls himself a gentleman is in fact not a gentleman at all. Being a gentleman is a reflection of your actions. Manners make the man.


We’re here to inspire you into becoming the man you’re supposed to be. We help you up your style and look dapper at all times.

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Being a gentleman never goes out of style. Our app includes every aspect you could imagine. Everything delivered to you for free.